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...and random bits of cheek!

Dunky's Video of the Day

Today "Vid of the Day" features ME! Here's what REALLY goes on behind the camera. 

This is an example of what happens when The Khed gets a bunch of new toys and tries to "bang one out!"


I have been playing for longer than I care to admit! LOL! There's something about picking up this random assembly of wood, metal, electrical doo-dads and bringing to life that "thing" that's been bouncing around in your head. 

It's truly magical. It is a gift.


I LOVE GUITARS & GEAR!!! Messing with it, talking about it, using it as a tool to push my creative limits, using it in ways it wasn't necessarily intended to be used. 

There is a pure joy in getting "that sound". Making music is PROBABLY the most fun you can have with your clothes on.


I couldn't live without it. From the time my feet touch the floor until the time I get in bed, there's a cup in my hand or at least within arms reach! 

Dunk's preferred but I'm cheap... 

I'll take it any way I can get it!


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