Who is "The Khed" (aka JerEvil)?

Family Man

This is me first and foremost. I am a proud husband of 20 years and father of 2 teenagers... 

yes, I'm old! These three keep me on my toes for sure and are the greatest blessings in my life.

Masshole / Musician / Mëtalhead

Jeremy Varao, JerEvil, The Khed... Call me what you like! One thing is certain, I am an unashamed, absolute "Masshole"! 


Born and raised in Springfield, MA, I love all things New England... Pats, Bruins, Celtics...  I'll eat my weight in chourico/linguica, I swear a LOT, and I always look mad!

I started playing guitar at 13, but KNEW I wanted to rock in 1st grade. I got KISS Alive! on vinyl for Christmas, heard those guitars and that crowd and thought "this is the best job in the world!" I knew metal was it for me. From KISS to King Diamond, Whitesnake to Whitechapel. It's gotta be heavy

Gear Enthusiast

My passion for gear started right at the age of 13. I got my first guitar and amp (Fender Squier Bullet/Marshall Lead 12) and from DAY ONE, I was already looking for ways to trade up/flip for something bigger and better! Apparently GAS already had a grip on me before I even knew what it was.

It didn't take long before I had a collection of guitars and my first half stack! It didn't help that I started gigging at 16 and the local scene in Western MA was riddled with killer players like Chris Impelliteri, Tony McAlpine and the like shredding killer rigs.

From pedal boards and racks, to walls of guitars, I was gear obsessed. Some things never change! Ask my "financial advisor... Mrs. Evil!